My name is Francine i'm the woman in white and I am a lawyer specializing in international business law and intellectual property. I met Mr Kokpon because of a friend who gave me his contact details because of the depressive state in which I I found myself; I was seriously ill Kokpon intervened quickly so that I regained my self-confidence and returned to work without difficulty: it happened quickly; I was able to rebuild a cabinet and I found a lot of customers who entrusted me with their belongings and who come back because in addition I obtained excellent results! And then everyday, I found a mental energy and a taste of work and terrific excellence for the opponents!

On the affective plane, I have also regained my confidence by listening to kokpon because it soothes trauma and restores faith in life, love, fraternity, friendship ...

contact whatsap:00229 57 85 67 48


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