03 août 2021


hello all! my name is james,i'm from a German .i post this testimony so that everyone can trust this Man Mr kokpon who did a good work of return of love to me.my wife had left me 2years ago but i still love her.i want her back since i can't live without her.i had worked with 3 spirit Man of Benin but they steal me.no good work.one day in my seachIing in google i see the page of Mr kokpon and some of his video.i try work with him about the return of my wife.i assure that he had work for 3 day and the 06th day my wife start... [Lire la suite]

03 juin 2021

Temoignage de Francine pour le puissant marabout kokpon

My name is Francine i'm the woman in white and I am a lawyer specializing in international business law and intellectual property. I met Mr Kokpon because of a friend who gave me his contact details because of the depressive state in which I I found myself; I was seriously ill Kokpon intervened quickly so that I regained my self-confidence and returned to work without difficulty: it happened quickly; I was able to rebuild a cabinet and I found a lot of customers who entrusted me with their belongings and who come back because in... [Lire la suite]